Roofing Services in Toronto: Taking Care Of Leaks

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A roof provides protection for your family, your home, and everything inside of it. If you suspect that your roof may be damaged or leaking, it’s best to have an experienced contractor evaluate the situation. When looking for roofing services in Toronto, homeowners should ask for all problem areas to be identified and points of leakage repaired. A leak in your roof can jeopardize your living space and damage the foundation of your home.

Depending on the assessment done by the roofing company, the remedy to your roof may be a simple repair or a complete replacement. If a replacement is in order, it is more than likely that the building felt or waterproofing layer underneath needs to be stripped away and replaced as well.

It is important for homeowners to get estimates and hire the contractor they are most confident in and comfortable with.
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Finding the best roofing services in Toronto to repair, replace, or install a new roof can help add beauty and longevity to your home.  In some instances, leaks, weather damage, and natural wear-and-tear can force homeowners to consider putting an entirely new roof over their heads. To mitigate the extent of damage from unseen leaks and prevent the need for an entirely new roof, here are some ways to spot a leaks early.

Water Spots

Often, if your roof is leaking water spots or yellowish areas (or rings) will be evident on your ceiling. This is usually a strong indication of a roof leak.

Yard Debris

Extreme weather, high winds, and severe storms can leave shingles or other debris from your roof in your yard. After a storm has passed, check your yard for any missing shingles.

In the Attic

If you suspect there is a leak during a storm, it is a good idea to go into the attic with a flashlight. When the light is shone on the problem areas, the drops of water will reflect off of the light, making the leak easily identifiable. 


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